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How much is a radiator for a 2008 toyota sienna?

We currently carry 3 Radiator products to choose from for your 2008 Toyota Sienna, and our inventory prices range from as little as $191.26 up to $279.99.

How much does it cost to change a radiator on Toyota Sienna?

The average cost for a Toyota Sienna radiator replacement is between $867 and $1,046. Labor costs are estimated between $176 and $222 while parts are priced between $690 and $824.

How much is a Toyota radiator?

The average cost for a Toyota Camry radiator replacement is between $723 and $834. Labor costs are estimated between $224 and $283 while parts are priced between $499 and $551. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location.

Is there a recall on 2008 Toyota Sienna?


What kind of coolant does a 2008 Toyota Sienna take?

Zerex 1 Gallon Red 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze.

How long do Toyota Radiators last?

One of the most important and active parts of your car — the radiator — on average has a lifespan of 3 to 10 years.

How much is a radiator?

According to, the average cost nationally for a radiator replacement ranges from about $1,000 to $3,500, though some replacements can be accomplished for as little as $500 on the low end and as much as $8,600 on the high end. The majority of radiator replacements end up costing around $1,500.

How do I change a radiator?

How To Replace a Radiator

  1. Safety First. Your radiator has electrical connections. …
  2. Inspect or Replace. …
  3. Drain the Radiator. …
  4. Disconnect the Radiator. …
  5. Remove the Old Radiator. …
  6. Mount the New Radiator. …
  7. Add Coolant. …
  8. Bleed the air from the Cooling System.

Do Toyotas need special coolant?

Every car manufacturer, including Toyota has developed its own coolant or requires a specific coolant that is unique to apparent years and models. There are several colors of coolants to help distinguish each including blue, red, yellow, purple green, and orange.

What color is Toyota Sienna coolant?

What color coolant does Toyota Sienna use? It’s essential to understand that color doesn’t matter. While most Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolants are usually orange, yellow, red or purple, Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) coolants are orange and yellow. There’s quite a bit of overlap.

Can I use green coolant in Toyota?

Yeah, colour is not universal and you can seriously damage your engine if you mix two different types of green coolants. What you want is HOAT – hybrid organic acid technology. Silicates-free and uses phosphates for long water-pump life and protection of aluminium parts.

How do I know if I need a new radiator?

Signs you need a new radiator

  1. Your temperature gauge is running hot. If the needle on your temperature gauge is constantly running at the hotter end then there could be an issue. …
  2. Your car is overheating. …
  3. Leaking or low coolant. …
  4. Radiator discolouration or sludge. …
  5. Car heating issues.

How long does it take a mechanic to replace a radiator?

The time it takes to replace a radiator varies from person to person. A professional mechanic should be able to get it done in 2 to 3 hours. A person doing it for the first time may have trouble locating the bolts and other parts, so, it could take up to 8 hours to do the job.

Can you drive with a cracked radiator?

A cracked radiator can be dangerous to drive with because the engine may overheat. A cracked radiator does not allow the proper amount of coolant to reach the engine, which causes the overheating. Contact the professionals at YourMechanic to make the correct diagnosis and to repair the radiator properly.

Is it worth fixing a radiator?

The radiator hoses, core and housing can develop small holes and broken sections if not maintained properly. Because the cooling system is vital to the health of your automobile, it is advisable to repair it yourself or get an auto mechanic to repair it for you as soon as possible when there are problems.

Is a radiator expensive to replace?

The average cost for radiator replacement is between $995 and $1,132. Labor costs are estimated between $230 and $290 while parts are priced between $766 and $842. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

How much does it cost to replace car radiator?

If you go to a mechanic, the cost will be around $90 depending on your car make and model. Replacing a car radiator, however, can set you back over $300-$900. Labour costs involve a mechanic checking for leaks, removing the radiator, a whole system flush and the installation of a new radiator.

Can you replace radiator yourself?

Changing your radiators is a pretty straight-forward job that can be done in just a couple of hours if you know what you are doing. The easiest way to do it is to replace your radiator like-for-like, meaning finding one that is the exact same size as your old one.

How often do car radiators need to be replaced?

You should consider a new radiator if you’ve upgraded the car engine to produce more power. A more powerful engine gives out more heat so it will need an upgraded radiator to handle the higher heat output effectively. A properly maintained radiator should last at least 3 years, and up to 8-10 years.

Do you have to change thermostat when changing radiator?

However, if you’re having other cooling system maintenance performed, such as replacing the coolant and/or radiator hoses on a vehicle that’s been in service for several years, it could be a good idea to replace the thermostat at the same time for peace of mind.

What color is Toyota coolant?

How To Know Which Type Of Coolant To Use In Your Car

Pink HOAT Post-2005 Audis, Volkswagens, &amp, Porsches Post-2014 Jaguars &amp, Land Rovers
Red HOAT Toyotas, Lexuses, &amp, Scions
Purple HOAT 1997-2013 Jaguars &amp, Land Rovers 2002-2011 Saabs

Is Prestone coolant good for Toyota?

Premier formula for all Toyota ®, Lexus ® and Scion ® vehicles, makes, models, years &amp, fluid colors. Our upgraded and patented technology provides instant protection to all engines, new and old. Optimizes engine temp, prevents freezing, PLUS protects parts from buildup &amp, corrosion.

How long does Toyota red coolant last?

This formulation is not usually recommended for a newer make and model. Toyota’s red coolant fits in this category, although it is compatible with cars that come with the pink stuff from the factory. It has a much shorter lifespan, requiring a flush after 30,000 miles or 24 months – whatever comes first.