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What kind of battery does a 2008 nissan versa take?

2008 Nissan Versa Battery Replacement &amp, Size

Battery Engine Warranty
51R-2 L4/1.8L Replacement 36 months

What size battery does a Nissan Versa use?

The best battery for a Nissan Versa is a Group Size T4 flooded, non-AGM battery. It provides 470 cold-cranking amps, 585 cranking amps and a 70-minute reserve capacity. The issue is that you can likely find a lot of parts retailers that recommend a Group Size 51R battery for the Nissan Versa.

What battery do I need for my Nissan?

Changing Nissan Key Fob Battery

The Nissan key fob uses a CR2032 3V battery. You can usually get a multipack of these for under $5 USD. You’ll also need a small flathead screwdriver.

How much is a battery for a car Nissan Versa?

The average cost for a Nissan Versa battery replacement is between $397 and $406. Labor costs are estimated between $35 and $44 while parts are priced at $362.

What type of battery does a 2008 Nissan Sentra take?

2008 Nissan Sentra Battery Replacement &amp, Size

Battery Engine Cold Cranking Amps
26R-3 L4/2.0L 575
35-2 L4/2.0L 640
35-AGM L4/2.0L 650
96R-3 L4/2.5L 590

What type of battery does a 2009 Nissan Versa use?

Battery Size &amp, Replacement for 2009 Nissan Versa

Battery Engine
51R-2 L4/1.6L Performance months
51R-2 L4/1.8L Performance months

Will AutoZone change my battery?

AutoZone will install a battery for free as long as you purchase that battery from them. They will remove your old battery and take it in place of charging you a core fee. They will install the new battery and ensure your car starts easily and runs properly with the battery installed.

How much is a Nissan car battery?

How much to replace the battery in my Nissan? Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement car battery range from about $45 to $250.

Are CR2032 and cr2032h interchangeable?

It also refers to the battery’s discharge rate. In this case, the “H” refers to a high discharge rate. The CR2032 also comes in medium (M) and low (L) discharge varieties. I would replace it with the H version even if the price was 3 times as much.

What is a 3V battery?

3V batteries are small batteries that are capable of providing 3 volts of power to a wide variety of small household electronic devices. They come in two general form factors, button cell, also called coin cell, and CR2. They are generally powered by lithium technology or traditional alkaline battery technology.

What group size is a T5 battery?

Duracell Automotive Battery – Group Size 90 (T5)

What group size is a T4 battery?

Pro-Series Group Size 99R (T4/LB1) Battery, 450 CCA.

What size battery does a 2015 Nissan Versa take?

The Right Battery Size for a 2015 Nissan Versa

Battery Engine
51R-2 L4/1.6L Performance months

How do you change the battery in a 2007 Nissan Sentra?

The Right Battery Size for a 2015 Nissan Versa

Battery Engine
51R-2 L4/1.6L Performance months

What size battery does a 2011 Nissan Versa take?

2011 Nissan Versa Battery Replacement &amp, Size

Battery Engine Cold Cranking Amps
51R-2 L4/1.6L 500
51R-2 L4/1.8L 500

What size battery does a 2016 Nissan Versa take?

DieHard Silver – Battery, Group Size 51R, 425 CCA (Part No. 51R-1)

Does Walmart replace car batteries?

Walmart Auto Care Centre will fit your car battery and they will fit it for free if the battery is purchased in-store. If the battery is purchased from another store Walmart charges a $10 fitting fee. Replacing a car battery used to be a pretty straightforward job, modern cars are unfortunately a little more work.

Does O’Reilly do free battery installation?

We’re happy to install most car batteries for free at any of our locations. However, if you’re in a position where you can’t get to a store, check out our video on how to install a car battery.

How do you know if you need a new battery?

How to Know When it is Time to Replace Your Car Battery

  1. 4 Signs It Is Almost Time For a New Battery.
  2. 1) Your Battery Struggles to Combat Seasonal Challenges.
  3. 2) Your Car Has Been Sitting For Too Long.
  4. 3) Your Vehicle Struggles When Starting.
  5. 4) Your Battery Is Older and Triggers a Dashboard Light.

What kills the battery in a car?

7 Things That Can Drain Your Car Battery

  1. You left your headlights on. …
  2. Something is causing a “parasitic draw.” …
  3. Your battery connections are loose or corroded. …
  4. It’s extremely hot or cold outside. …
  5. The battery isn’t charging while you drive. …
  6. You’re taking too many short drives. …
  7. Your battery is old.

How can I tell if my car battery is going bad?

5 Unmistakable Signs Your Car Battery is Failing

  1. Dim headlights. If your car battery is failing, it’s not going to be able to fully power your vehicle’s electrical components – including your headlights. …
  2. Clicking sound when you turn the key. …
  3. Slow crank. …
  4. Needing to press on the gas pedal to start. …
  5. Backfiring.

How long should a Nissan car battery last?

Nissan Altima batteries usually last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on the type of battery, driving habits, weather conditions, and more. You can prolong the life of your Altima battery by: Proactively testing your battery.

What’s the difference between a CR2032 and a CR2032H?

This standard defines a way of naming the battery, the battery’s size requirements, and its battery chemistry. The “H” after CR2032 means the battery can be recharged. It also refers to the battery’s discharge rate. In this case, the “H” refers to a high discharge rate.

Is there a difference between a CR2032 battery and a 2032 battery?

Actually, the DL and CR batteries are interchangeable as long as the numbers that follow are the same. Given the example above, a DL2032 battery can be used to replace a CR2032 battery and vice versa. So, for the 2032, it basically says that the battery has a 20mm diameter and is 3.2mm thick.

What does the CR stand for in CR2032?

CR (Heat Resistant Coin Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery)